How to Put Baby to Sleep? One Year Old

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When the baby is 1 year old, the dispute about whether or not to go to bed officially began. Your baby learned to walk, talk and eat himself. All these excite him a lot, so it becomes increasingly difficult to make him calm down and put him to sleep fast. He might teas you a little and want you to come hold him. Who can refuse such a cute baby? But you still have to adhere to formulate sleeping patterns, since it will do good to the relationship between you two and help putting your baby to sleep faster in the next few months.


Typically, a one-year-old baby will sleep 10 to 12 hours every night and sleep twice in the day time, each sleeping 1 to 2 hours. But again, you should remember that the sleep duration varies from person to person. Most babies will choose one of their favorite – a blanket or a pet toy to help them fall asleep quickly. This is their first step into separate sleeping. Giving him a pacifier is not recommended. It is time to help him quit it at this age.

Tips for how to put baby to sleep fast:

You may have noticed that the kid’s nap time in the afternoon is shortened a bit. But before calling you, he may play on his own for a while in his small bed after wake up. Put some small soft toys in his small bed to encourage him to continue to do so. Be sure not to give him big toys, otherwise he will soon learn how to climb out of the bed by stepping on the toys. Hope these tips for how to put baby to sleep are helpful.

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